SMM is a Sports Marketing agency based in Madrid with 12 years background on organizing sport events, representing and managing athlete careers, and developing consumer and retail programs on the sports arena. We work only for a few blue-chip corporate clients, only for a few world class athletes, and manage only some of the best sport events.

As a Sports Event Coordinator, we’re looking for a passionate sports enthusiast, able to use the strengths and abilities needed to make every event a success.
You’ll work with clients, suppliers & partners, and you should deliver the expected compromise with each of those groups
Handling budgets is a big part of the role, so you’ll need to have a good head for figures and find ways to keep costs down and clients happy, while not cutting corners.
Whats involved?
Thinking up new ways to make an event enjoyable and exciting.
To have an action plan and monitor it as you go.
Handling staff event, training, budgets, schedules and deadlines.
Other skills needed:
· The ability to juggle a number of tasks.
· Good communication and social skills.
· A creative approach to problem-solving.
· A positive attitude, organized and flexible.
If you think you have what we need, send us a brief letter explaining why, and enclose your updated CV, to
The limit is up to you.
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